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Alert: Ivan Geshev’s wife makes money from Sofia Airport, Detelina Hancheva cooperates with Plamen Stanchev


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The change of the leadership of the prosecutor’s office may have allowed to be clarified the links between the former Director of „Letishe Sofia“-EAD  ( Sofia Airport EAD) Mr. Plamen Stanchev and Mrs. Detelina Hancheva, a wife of the former Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. It is well-known that this relationship enabled Mr. Plamen Stanchev to enter into contracts for legal accounting services with external companies for large sums with impunity. His peace of mind stems from the fact that the alerts of 2017 to the Sofia Prosecutor’s Office for mismanagement and computer crimes have remained without consequence for years now and are dragged on. It would be well for the new leadership of the Prosecutor’s Office to check their fate. That fate may be due to the intervention of the former Prosecutor General who did his wife a favor.

By the way, Attorney-At-Law Hancheva, who is behind some of the companies that conclude contracts with Sofia Airport and shares with them the received remunerations has also been used for other „services“. The huge fees paid to the law firms are artificially inflated to save money for the former Prosecutor General’s wife. This is a typical example of deliberate mismanagement because the same effect would have been achieved by legal advisors on the payroll appointed for modest amounts. By the way, an inspection should not only be carried out for mismanagement – how Mr. Stanchev disposed of state funds also speaks of official embezzlement.

If the Prosecutor’s  Office takes no interest in the manner in which the state airport property was used and attorneys-at-law were flavoured, among which the Prosecutor General’s wife, it would mean that the era of  „Geshev” is not over.

It is even more inexplicable that Mr. Stanchev, who has long since retired, is preparing to return „on a white horse“ to the civil service. And if his actions and the large-scale draining of the state-owned company under his leadership are not inspected, the Prosecutor’s Office will have resigned itself all this to continue.

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